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Eviction Dismissed! – Complimentary Book for Austin and San Antonio Area Landlords

Austin and San Antonio area Residential Property Investors

Download a free copy of Mr. Girling’s book, Eviction Dismissed! The 10 Biggest Mistakes Texas Landlords Make in Eviction Court here.

Marc Girling

L. Marc Girling, Esq.

Now that you’re studying Texas evictions through our firm’s Your Eviction Mastered training program, learn the most common errors Texas landlords make in eviction court.

Cement your knowledge and understanding of Texas evictions by learning what NOT to do.  Learn from the mistakes of hundreds of landlords before you!

Here’s some of the topics we’ll cover in Eviction Dismissed:

  • Problematic content in your Notice to Vacate
  • How NOT to deliver a Notice to Vacate
  • Improper eviction negotiations (laying traps for yourself)
  • Not being prepared for trial
  • The problem with challenging pauper’s appeals
  • When Texas law requires you to hire an attorney
  • How and why you should micromanage the writ of possession

Order your FREE copy today!  Most orders ship within 24 hours.

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