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Should I Sue My Tenant?

The decision about whether to file a lawsuit against a tenant can be challenging.  Ultimately, a Texas landlord attorney like me is not in the best position to make this decision.  You are.  So, this article is going to arm you with the information you will need to answer the question, “should I sue my tenant?” It’s the Principal Suing your tenant because you’re angry is a lousy basis to Read More

An Apartment Housing Lawyer Can Help You With Residential Lease Issues

If you are renting a residential premises, you need an apartment housing lawyer to help guide you through the complex laws regarding landlords and tenants in Texas. Contact Girling Law at (817) 864-8228 today. Landlord-Tenant Relations Laws in Texas There are Texas laws that address many aspects of landlord-tenant relations. Those laws can be extremely complex, and often require experienced interpretation. Our apartment housing lawyer can help you navigate the following Texas Read More

A Hotel Law Attorney Can Help You With Complex Hotel-Related Legal Issues

The hotel industry can present unique legal issues that require a hotel law attorney. At Girling Law PLLC, we have experienced lawyers who are familiar with the legal issues faced by hotel owners and managers. We will listen to your situation, review your legal documents, and provide you with an honest legal opinion about your issues. Call us today at (817) 864-8228 to find out how we can help you. Legal Issues in Read More

Why You Need a Property Management Attorney

Whether you are a property owner or manager, our property management attorney can help you with an array of legal needs. We will listen to your situation and provide you with legal options that can solve your issues. We will also help you prevent legal problems that may arise. Contact Girling Law PLLC today at (817) 864-8228 to find out how we can help you. Our Areas of Practice We help property Read More

A Mobile Home Park Attorney Can Help You Assert Your Legal Rights as Landlord

If you have questions about unique issues involving mobile homes, contact a mobile home park attorney right away. We will inform you of your rights and legal options. We will guide you through the process of defending a mobile home claim or asserting your rights as a landlord. Call Girling Law PLLC today at (817) 864-8228 to find out how we can help you. Unique Legal Issues for Mobile Homes Mobile home Read More

Marc Girling Quoted In CBS ‘Serial Squatters’ Article

If you live in North Texas, you may have already heard of the Schwabs. Heather and William Eric Schwab are currently facing numerous counts of “serial squatting” for playing homeowners to live in their homes without ever paying a dime. As a result of their scheme, victims of have sought legal advice from Girling Law to help ensure the rights to their property and to avoid mistakes like this in Read More


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Janice S. decided to hire a Dallas eviction attorney, L. Marc Girling, who quickly identified the weaknesses in Janice’s case, developed a strategy to minimize her risk, and successfully executed on that strategy.  Girling Law solved the problem of Janice’s non-paying tenant efficiently.  More importantly, Janice’s Dallas eviction attorney made a point of contacting the non-paying tenant’s attorney early.  Girling Law realized that settlement was key to avoiding the Judge Read More


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Dickson A. sought a McKinney eviction attorney after he realized he had virtually no chance of negotiating settlement. Dickson’s tenant was angry because he became convinced he had a right to buy the property. Complicating matters further, Dickson lost his original, signed copy of his lease agreement. Also, he delivered the notice to vacate improperly. Girling Law was still able to obtain judgments against the tenant before the Collin County Read More