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Austin area real estate investors face a host of unique challenges when evicting a tenant.  The Austin area Judges have a reputation for being too sympathetic with non-paying or problem tenants.  Free legal services are also readily available to local tenants.  Hiring an experienced, Austin eviction attorney is key to your strategy of minimizing your losses.  A lawyer who knows what he is doing will minimize your tenant’s unauthorized occupation of your unit and focus on making your rental property profitable again.  Hiring an attorney who is familiar with the Judges in the Austin market can make a huge difference in the outcome of your eviction case.

Austin Eviction Attorney

Austin Eviction Attorney

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Austin Property Investments Include Several Unique Challenges

Evicting a tenant in Austin presents several issues.  Several of the Travis and surrounding county Justices of the Peace lean towards being “tenant friendly.”  Legal aid organizations and crusader-attorneys are also pitfalls for unsuspecting landlords.  An Austin eviction attorney who understands these challenges and knows how to work around them is critical to increasing your chances of success.

Tenant Friendly Judges

Even obtaining a “default judgment” can be a challenge.  A default judgment is awarded when your tenant fails to appear for trial.  But default judgments are not automatic.  You need to have all your ducks in a row under these circumstances.  You should expect the Justice of the Peace to scrutinize your documentation.  An affidavit and a certificate are required to obtain a default judgment.  Your affidavit should include as an attachment a special certificate that you must obtain from the Department of Defense.  Neglect to include this DOD certificate, you have likely committed perjury.

When your tenant does appear at trail, you run into the classic problem of his word against yours.  Are you prepared to show proof that your notice to vacate was delivered?  Or perhaps your tenant alleges he paid you cash for the last month’s rent?  How do you prove something that did not happen?  How are you going to respond if your tenant claims your lease was instead a lease-purchase agreement?  A tactic like this can result in the Judge declaring that she has no jurisdiction over your case.

An experienced Austin eviction attorney can help insure your eviction case will not be dismissed for such pointless reasons.

Court Appointed Attorneys, Legal Aid Organizations, and Consumer Advocate Crusaders

Going up against legal aid organizations is another common challenge for Austin-area landlords.  There are few worse things than a non-paying tenant with unlimited legal resources!  Unfortunately, this has become a reality for many Austin area real estate investors.

You have no doubt heard about the poor-quality attorneys in the Public Defender’s Offices.  Much of that reputation comes from TV myths.  This reputation may also come from courts saddling these attorneys with far too many cases, most of which are losers.  But this lawyer-stereotype fits poorly within Texas’ legal system.  Most court-appointed attorneys in Texas come from the private practices.  And legal aid organizations are not a sanctuary for the state’s less desirable attorneys.  Here’s an unpleasant reality check: your tenant can request a court-appointed attorney and, if he receives one, that attorney will likely be well qualified.

Perhaps worst of all, is that some local attorneys who have a zealous consumer-advocacy streak.  And they are more than happy to take on eviction cases.  Sometimes they will even take on such a pro bono (free).

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Why an Austin Eviction Attorney from Girling Law is Such a Good Fit For Your Case

An Austin eviction attorney from Girling Law is the perfect fit for you because our firm has years of experience handling complex eviction matters.  Because of our experience in Texas eviction law, there isn’t much your problem tenant can throw at us that we haven’t seen before.  Our experience in handling challenging opposing attorneys also makes us a good fit for your eviction case.  But our own experience as property investors is arguably the one thing that sets us apart from your average, run-of-the-mill Austin eviction attorney.

We Have the Years of Experience Which Can Minimize Your Risks

An Austin eviction attorney from Girling Law is well suited for whatever situation you run up against.  Evictions come with a lot of risks.  One wrong move, and you must start over.  Procedures between the Justice of the Peace Court and the County Court at Law can be hard to understand.  And the procedures between the County Court at Law and the Court of appeals are even worse!  Not a problem, we understand them.   And not only do we understand them, we have spent years making a living out of these procedures.

We Know How to Handle Slippery Tenants and Aggressive Opposing Counsel

Our firm routinely handles clients who won’t think twice about lying to a Judge.  We’ve heard it all!  So we make a point of preparing for it all.

We also have a successful track record against well experienced opposing attorneys.  Often the opposing attorney will just want to do some saber-rattling to make himself look like a hero in his client’s eyes.  Sometimes, the opposing attorney is entirely clueless about the eviction process.  It is surprising how often our firm must educate the opposing party on the eviction process.  In the case of a represented party, this can mean our Austin eviction attorney is actually using opposing counsel to your advantage!

We Understand Removing Your Tenant Quickly is a Priority

At Girling Law, our Austin eviction attorneys get it.  The purpose of your investment property is to make money.  You need this tenant out fast!  You can’t afford to wrestle with a tenant who seeks to sit in your rental unit for as long as the law will allow.  Our Austin eviction attorneys are also experienced residential real estate investors and property managers.  We appreciate that time is of the essence.

Our firm will make several attempts to reach out to your tenant at strategic points during the eviction process.  First, we will obtain settlement authority from you.  Then we will use the eviction process to apply pressure on your tenant.  After stressing your tenant, we will seek him out and try to negotiate with him.  Evictions happen quickly.  Because of this, many attorneys who “sometimes” handle evictions won’t bother to negotiate.  This is a horrible strategy!  Why would hire someone who will leave money on the table!?!

We offer free consultations to all Texas residential property investors.

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